A tale of two enthusiasts

The Winenot story began with a meeting, that of Paul and David. A wine producer and a native of Burgundy, Paul grew up among the vines: Pinot and Chardonnay flow through his veins! David, a specialist wine merchant. A shared passion for local produce and a spirit of adventure led the two friends to found Winenot in 2008.

Our values : winemaking as a vocation…

Behind all our wines is the same passion: capturing unique terroirs to showcase the finest grape varieties in the glass.

WineNot is guided by its strong values: not only a passion for wine but also respect for the environment and terroir, a spirit of innovation and shared expertise, which can be seen in our strong and lasting relationships with our partner winegrowers. All our wines are carefully selected.

First we work closely with winegrowers, setting strict specifications and carrying out quality controls at various stages of production.
Then we taste every vat, selecting only the most promising wines for our future vintages.

WineNot is also a team effort ensuring success on the domestic and export markets with high-quality brands that meet consumers’ needs.

Discover terroir wines

Winenot invites you on a journey through the vineyards and wine-producing regions of France and Europe. With an inventive and gourmet selection, our wines are suitable for any occasion. Winenot bring to light the variety of terroir for your drinking pleasure!